Make Your Next Event The One Everyone Remembers


Music for your next event.  Make it pleasing to the ear. Get the crowd up and dancing. The DJ needs to see what gets your crowd out of their seats and want to dance!  I’ll tailor the music to the genre that moves your guests.




Lighting makes your event visually pleasing to the eyes.  The perfect compliment to great sounding music.  I have simple to extravagant lighting effects.  Ask me about what’s best for your event.

4BarFlex100 ADJ Micro Galaxian100 Hypermoon100 InnoColorbeam100Snowbank100




Sound System only. Sometimes you just need a simple sound system.  This is an excellent idea when you have a daytime event like a walk-a-thon, Special Olympics or a ceremony and just need some background music and a public address system to make announcements.